Privacy and Sales Policy

Privacy Policy


Any and all information collected by Badland Bumpers Mfg. or on this site will be kept strictly confidential. This information will not be given out or disclosed to anyone or anything for any reason period.

All information will be used only in the way you the customer has consented to. This includes any and all order information given to any salesperson with Badland Bumpers Mfg.

Your information is always safe with us.


Orders can be placed over the phone or in our shop. Simply call Jeff’s cell phone at (206) 255-6219. We accept all major credit cards, money orders or cashier’s checks. At times personal checks are accepted but delivery will only occur once payment is cleared. Orders can also by placed by PayPal at, which is also our e-mail address.

Contact Address is,
Badland Bumpers Mfg.
26611 309th Ave. SE.
Ravensdale, Wa. 98051

Prior to ordering you will be given an approximate time that the product will be completed and shipped. We try to get all custom orders out within a couple weeks, but that is determined by how many orders are ahead of yours. We work in the order, as orders are received.


We try to send all orders via UPS ground as this is the least expensive way to ship to a residence. We can also truck ship and USPS ship. We will give you some options upon your request for shipping costs to try to get you the best shipping cost. I don’t like losing orders due to shipping costs!!!. Shipping via truck to a business is the least expensive method of shipping, but it has to be a legitimate business. No home businesses out in the suburbs. We have had this happen before and been back charged, unfortunately. Therefore, Badland Bumpers will be forced to add the additional cost to your card if this occurs.

Powder coated item require additional costs due to packaging. These shipping costs are expensive and it is actually less expensive to find that service locally. If you would still like us to do this service for you please give me a call so I can get you a custom quote for the shipping.

We can also ship international orders but these will have to be discussed as there is more to the shipping policy for these orders. (Please give us a call)


Any parts we sell are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Any alterations, modifications or improper use will void this warranty. This warranty is effective for 90 days after the purchase of the product. These products are designed to be of one piece, so there will not be brackets and elongated holes to fit the different bolt hole positions like factory bumpers. There are times when the body has been installed a little to the left or right on the frame which due to our design of the bumper cannot be adjusted to accommodate these problems. Same is true with a truck that has been in an accident. We will not warranty a product for these reasons. Please be aware that these are all built in our jigs and the truth is they will fit without a problem on 95% of the trucks they are designed to fit, but there is always the possibility that adjustments to bolt holes may have to be made to fit perfectly.


We will do exchanges or returns but please call prior to sending anything. A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all returning items that were correctly shipped by us. Please do not order if you do not want the product. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser with no exceptions.


We accept order cancellations, for our standard items we charge a 20% cancellation fee and for custom orders there is a 50% cancellation fee. Please make sure you want the product prior to ordering.


All aftermarket products are intended to modify a vehicle from its original state of manufacture and design. These products will change the way your vehicle will operate and can modify your vehicle to take it beyond the design limitations that were designed and tested at the factory. Due to these conditions do not purchase products from Badland Bumpers Mfg. unless, you, the purchaser, will accept full responsibility of the problems that may arise from the installation of these products.

These products are designed for off road use only and are not intended for use on the street. These products are not DOT tested and Badland Bumpers Mfg. does not imply that they are. As you know modifications to your vehicle and the way it can be operated with the addition of our products can result in bodily harm.

The purchaser of these products will hereby assume all responsibility and risks associated with these modifications. Badland Bumpers Mfg. will not accept responsibility for personal injury or property damage resulting from the installation, failure of the product or damage occurring from the use of these products. If you are not sure you can properly install the product please find a certified shop to perform the installation.






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