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image of toyota tacoma with rear bumper


Each of our products is produced completely here in our shop. From bending to cutting everything is done in house. Here we have one basic design and we build off of it with yours or our additional ideas. We can add features to these but will not change the basic design of our standard rear bumper. Of course we build to order so if you need something different please send a picture or drawing and we can get you a bid for your specific build.

Standard features of our products differ from what else is out there. We build these the way I would want my bumpers built and I use the same products that I sell on all my trucks. I don’t sell one thing and build another for my own vehicles.

STANDARD FEATURES for all our rear rack system bumpers include the following, A 2” receiver with end surround for added strength.

The rear rack bumpers themselves are more heavily gusseted then the standard bumpers

Side impact bars that attach the side bars to the frame mounts so these do not flex or bend.

All tube is .120” DOM throughout with all end caps welded and no plastic inserts. Tube diameters range from 1.5” to 2” depending on the application. I realize some in the industry will say HREW is good but in my experience welded seam tube creates problems if not bent and welded properly so we simply do not spare any expense to manufacture a quality product that will last basically forever.

All mounts to frame are bolt on and the rear rack systems use ½” plate to mount to the frame. A person can put some 1” welds for theft protection.

As for the plate on the bumper some models have plate to hide the spare tire and the underside of the vehicle. Again here like the front bumpers we offer your choice of smooth metal or diamond plate. So if ordering both products you can mix or match the plate.

Additions we can add to your new rear bumper include but are not limited to the following.

  • Solid 1” x 2” steel D-Ring mounts welded inside and outside of the 2” DOM tubing.

  • Winch mounts

  • Mounts for antennas, flags or lighting of your choice just let us know what you may require.

  • Tool mounts

  • Jerry can mounts

  • Mounts for boxes or coolers

  • They can swing out on drivers or passenger side, your choice.

    We can out the tire where you want it either left right or center depending on the amount of features you order.

    We can use round or square tube or both.

    We can also build them so the spindle and rack are removable for your convenience.

    Once again the bottom line is this. We want to make a quality product that is just what you want not what I want. I have to build the base frame for our standard bumper to my specification because I know how tough the design is, but additions to that only enhance the product for your individual needs and wants.

    Please see the following pictures for more information on our standard features and just some of the additions and ideas we offer.

    Prices start at $999.00, please contact us!

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    • thumb-1

      rear spare tire rack system with tool, Tire and Jack mount.

    • thumb-1

      Standard Hunter model with Receiver hitch, tire and Jack mount standard.

    • thumb-1

      new toyota tacoma rear bumper rack system.

    • thumb-1

      toyota tacoma explorer rear bumper rack system closed.

    • thumb-1

      toyota tacoma Explorer rear bumper rack system open.

    • thumb-1

      Explorer bumper and rack system on a 4runner.

    • thumb-1

      trev's Toyota tacoma rack sytem treking through california.

    • thumb-1

      rear spare tire rack system with tool mount.




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